Billiard Gloves

Note:  The only Gloves that we are now selling are made by  Kamui.

   Kamui Quick Dry Gloves   $ 58.00 cdn retail
knows how to make tips and now they’ve proven that they can make an incredibly sleek glove too! Each of these stylish new gloves fits snugly to the hand, has each of the fingertips removed in its own beautifully designed package.

NOTE:  Once we sell out of current stock of Kamui product we will not be re-ordering more.
  “Right”   Black
# 475  Small

# 477  Large

IMPORTANT NOTICE to DEALERS … when Covid arrived, I made a decision to simplify our business model.
You will no doubt notice that we are offering for sale a much narrower range of products on this website.
Many items that we used to sell we no longer will … as product sells out, it will be removed from our website.
We plan to continue selling the billiard basics that installers, retailers and pool halls need … such as Cloth, Rubber, Balls, House Cues, Bridges, Triangles, Chalk etc.

Over 30 years ago, we started offering the basics that go with pool tables … now time to return to that business model.


Branko Brkovitch


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