Championship Mercury Ultra table cloth is a 19-ounce weight, un-backed woolen hybrid fabric that is finished to look and play like the much more expensive worsted cloths, creating the fastest playing woolen available today. This is why it is preferred by national leagues as their cloth of choices such as APA, VNEA, and BCA. If you would like to play on what the league championships are played on, this is the cloth. It has the aesthetic characteristics of worsted paired with the durability of woolen. This unique cloth is designed for players who want the speed of worsted but don’t want to pay the higher prices associated with worsted fabrics. Great play-ability at a fraction of the price!
Popular for Coin Operated Tables
Mercury Tournament Blue

Mercury Tournament Green
 7 ft  Mercury B&R Set  $ 256.00 retail 
 8 ft  Mercury B&R Set  $ 298.00 retail
 9 ft  Mercury B&R Set  $ 348.00 retail
10 ft  Mercury B&R Set  $ 402.00 retail
Rail Set – any size   $ 114.00 retail
Note:  Bed only NOT available in Mercury.

Championship Felt Cleaner

Sorry … supplier has discontinued this product and Championship has not been able to find another manufacturer.


Spray Cloth Adhesive
Item # 5010        $ 36.60 cdn retail

The Championship Spray Adhesive is a great all-purpose glue used by most table covering services. This is the top choice for applying new table cloth on your table. Sticks to most surfaces and offers temporary or permanent bonds. Sold in a 14oz can.


              Econo Home Table Cloth # 1 Home Table Cloth in North America
” Mali ”  Teflon Pool Cloth 
19 oz  75% Wool and 25% Nylon Blend.
13 Colours

Championship manufacturers both Invitational and Mali cloth in their Mexico plant. 


Championship  ” Invitational ” Teflon 
21 oz  75% Wool and 25% Nylon Blend.
26 Colours
8 ft  Mali  B & R Set   $ 236.00 retail
9 ft  Mali  B & R Set   $ 270.00 retail
Note: 7′ & 10′ B&R not available
Mali Bed only or Rails only not available.
  7 ft  Invitational  B & R Set   $ 244.00  retail
  8 ft  Invitational  B & R Set   $ 286.00  retail

  9 ft  Invitational  B & R Set   $ 334.00  retail
10 ft  Invitational  B & R Set   $ 382.00  retail
Rail Set – any size   $ 104.00 retail
Note:  Bed only NOT available in Invitational cloth.

Mali available in the following 14 colours:
Burgundy – Wine – Red – Charcoal – Black –  Camel – Bottle Green – Dark Green – Basic Green – Navy
Championship Green  –  Steel Grey   –   Euro Blue
  –  Electric Blue
Invitational available in all of the following 26 colours:
New Colour from Championship
This colour is very similar to the Simonis Tournament Blue colour
Championship Blue
Now available in Invitational
or Tour Edition Cloth


Championship  Titan  ” Brites ”  Pool Cloth  
Vibrant Colours:
 21 oz weight cloth consisting of 75% woollen and 25% nylon blend to provide a long lasting playing surface for your table .
  7 ft  Titan Brite Bed & Rail Set        $ 284.00 retail
  8 ft  Titan Brite Bed & Rail Set        $ 338.00 retail
  9 ft  Titan Brite Bed & Rail Set        $ 390.00 retail
10 ft  Titan Brite Bed & Rail Set       
$ 454.00 retail
Rail Set – any size   $ 114.00 retail
Note:  Bed only NOT available in Titan Brites cloth.
Brite Blue       Brite Gold      Brite Orange   Brite Pink

FREE – Two pieces of Silver Cup Chalk are included with each Bed & Rail package

   Colours displayed will vary, depending on your computer monitor

NOTE:  All Backed Cloth has been discontinued.


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