Silver Cup Chalk    6 pak  $ 6.00 retail   Gross ( 144 pcs )  $ 78.00 retail

Chalk Colour
Electric Blue
Grey Pewter
Lime (6 pak only)
Orange (6 pak only)
Pink (6 pak only)
Powder Blue
Royal Blue
Tournament Green
White (6 pak only)
Cloth Colour which it works best with
Black Cloth
Blue Cloth
Brick, Mocha or Taupe Cloth
Burgundy Cloth
Charcoal or Slate Cloth
Aztec Cloth
Electric Blue or Tournament Blue
Basic Green or English Green Cloth
Steel Grey or Grey Cloth
Lime Cloth

Navy or Titanium Cloth
Olive Cloth
Orange Cloth
Pink Cloth
Blue Cloth
Purple Cloth
Red Cloth
Royal Blue or Euro Blue Cloth
Spruce, Bottle Green or Dark Green Cloth
Gold, Khaki or Camel Cloth
Tournament Green Cloth
White Cloth
Wine Cloth

Kamui  ” Roku Chalk “
# 200150      $ 56.00 cdn retail
Kamui ROKU blue chalk is a much-awaited technologically advanced pool cue chalk is finally here. Imagine having the ability of the KAMUI Chalk.98B or 1.21B but without the mess on the cue ball. And without the mess on the felt. NO MORE SKIDDING. Chalk is in a hexagon shape and each piece is hand made.

McDermott  ” Navigator Chalk “
# 75-nav7      $ 36.00 cdn retail 
Navigator Blue Chalk is designed to increase friction with the ball, allowing you to generate more spin and maintain better control.
As an added bonus, Navigator chalk comes standard with a silicone cover that protects the chalk from chipping or breaking.


Handmade in Finland

           Taom Chalk or Chalk Pouch
              $ 32.00
cdn retail 

No more miscues, no more kicks or bad contacts, grips the spin more than any other. Does not mess the balls or the cloth. Lasts almost twice longer than any other product on the market. 

Maximum Spin & Control –  A clean touch, no residue.

# tm-2P         Light Blue Taom Chalk for Pool, version 2.0
# tm-Pyro      Blue Pyro  Taom Chalk for Pool
# tm-S           Soft   Taom Chalk for Snooker

# tm-Ch         Leather Chalk Pouch … hangs on pocket or belt


 SCG Silver Cup   4 Pak                   $    8.00 retail     All Colours
Silver Cup  
Gross 144pcs      $   85.00 retail     All Colours
                 ( 144 pcs )    $   78.00 retail   All other Colours

When ordering please indicate 4 Pak or Gross 

Black   Charcoal   Navy  Purple   Tan   Orange  Blue
Copper   Olive  Red   Tournament Green   White
Brown   Electric Blue  Pewter   Royal Blue   Wine
Lime  Burgundy  Green   Powder Blue   Spruce  Pink

  Silver Cup Cone Chalk
# 1306    $ 8.90 Retail


Cue Candy® Talc
Powder Bag

# tpcc     $ 4.90  Retail

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