Cue Tip Repair and Shapers


RepairKitDelux Deluxe Tweeten® Repair Kit
# 1703     $ 28.00 retail
Includes Tweeten 10 Minute Cement, 12 Elk Master leather replacement cue tips, tip clamp, top sander, scuffer, 3-pack of blue Master Chalk, 2 table spots, backers.

     Repairtiptrimmetal  Repairtiptrimmetal
McDermott Navigator
Tip Crystal
# 75nav8   $   19.50 retail
  Tip Shaper & Sander

Metal    # 1715   $ 7.90 retail
Sandpaper Insert
for Tip Shapers
# 1715-R   $ .70 retail

Plastic Cue Clamp
# 288   $ 2.80
Perfect tool for attaching cue tips. Easy to use and exerts just the right amount of pressure to make the tip stick perfectly. 
Tweeten® Glue for Tips
1 oz. # 1705    $ 6.90
A half century of use has proven Tweeten 10 –Minute Cement to be the best for attaching leather cue tips to cue.

Tip Topper
# 01-0216      $ 5.90Prepares a flat base for attaching the tip. Every Cue owner should have one.

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