Chalk Accessories

Canadian Retail Prices Shown

Leather Chalkers  

Random Colours … whatever we have left … they may be Black, Brown or Cognac. (chalk not included )

WrapPocketChalker KeyFobChalker LoopChalker
# wrap  $ 9.90 Retail
# keyfob  $ 9.90 Retail


# loop  $ 9.90 Retail


IMPORTANT NOTICE to DEALERS … when Covid arrived, I made a decision to simplify our business model.
You will no doubt notice that we are offering for sale a much narrower range of products on this website.
Many items that we used to sell we no longer will … as product sells out, it will be removed from our website.
We plan to continue selling the billiard basics that installers, retailers and pool halls need … such as Cloth, Rubber, Balls, House Cues, Bridges, Triangles, Chalk etc … with a few other items like Shuffleboard Wax.

Over 30 years ago, we started offering the basics that go with pool tables … now time to return to that business model.


Branko Brkovitch


Canadian Retail Prices Shown