We will take items back for ANY reason, for a full refund or exchange, within 14 days of you receiving them.

It is very important for you to check your order as soon as it has been received. Please make sure that all items are correct, and not damaged or warped. Please contact us immediately, if there are any issues with the items that you have received.

** After 14 days, the item(s) cannot be returned or exchanged **


Billiard Wholesalers Canada is NOT responsible for damage of products caused during shipping. This is the responsibility of the shipper and all claims must be submitted to the shipping company.

When a courier driver asks you to sign for the delivery, you are confirming to them that:

1. ALL cartons on the waybill have been received
2. ALL cartons were received in good shape, without any damage

Once you have signed that everything is OK, the shipper is no longer responsible, and will NOT pay for damage claims.

To be successful with a damage claim against the shipping company, you MUST:

1. take a photo of the damage with your cell phone as proof, and

2. add a note on the shipping receipt, in front of their driver, that it was received damaged, BEFORE SIGNING!


Pay with EFT and get a – 2% discount

If you use Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from your bank into ours, we will give you a 2% discount on any product you purchase.

Important:   EFT paid shipments cannot go out the same day. Please allow one extra day for shipping. If your order needs to be shipped right away, or overnight express please pay with credit card.
Sorry, no discount on tax or freight portion of the invoice.If you need to know how to do an EFT, email Beth and she will tell you how simple it is to do.
  Flat Rate Shipping Charges:

$ 19.95    Ontario & Quebec            
$ 25.95    Prairies & Maritimes
$ 27.95    British Columbia
$ 29.95    Newfoundland

You always know what your freight costs will be for any order, large or small … it is always the above amount. Remote areas will be surcharged.


As we add more and more products to our web page it is very easy for us to be out of stock of an item. Often the item is in transit from our supplier, or our supplier is temporarily out of stock themselves.

We trying to hold off shipping in stock items until out of stock items arrive to save you additional freight charges, however it is a logistical nightmare if it is for more than a few days.

Items in stock and ordered will be shipped same day or by noon the next business day unless customer asks for a one extra day hold to add other products to the order.

If you request a one extra day hold and do not add to the order then we will ship what is in stock.

Order on a Monday without an extra day hold request  … product ships Monday or by NOON Tuesday.
Order on a Monday with an extra day hold, product ships by Wednesday NOON. … note that gives you the whole day Tuesday to make additions or changes.

For items that we do not have in stock, or have to be custom ordered from our supplier we will contact you when they arrive and you may wish to add other products to save on shipping.

In summary we cannot hold in stock items until back ordered items arrive for more than a day or two. What is in stock ships … what is back ordered will ship when it arrives in stock and we have contacted you about additions to order.

We charge a low flat rate freight charge so that our customers know exactly what each shipment costs … it is important to average your freight costs over a year with your purchase expenditure to get an idea of what your freight costs actually are … we actually end up subsidising shipping since we pay out more to Canpar than we receive from our customers on a yearly basis.