Cue Holders & Racks

Q-Claw® Cue Holders
The Q-Claw pool cue holder is unlike other pool cue holders; instead of clipping to a table Q-Claw is weighted allowing it to rest on any surface. With Q Claw there are not stiff clips to scratch or ding your expensive pool cue.
Black is the only colour we sell and the Q Claw cue holder is a fantastic addition to your pool cue case or for home use.
Because it is heavy and it can sit on any edge … pool table, side table … anywhere you want. 

  Two Cues   $ 22.00 retail
Three Cues  $ 27.00 retail
Five Cues   $ 30.00 retail
# qc2 – Black # qc3 – Black # qc5 – Black

6-Cue Roman Rack  $ 24.50 retail
Clip in Design that Holds Up to 6 Cues.
   # 22c Cherry

Canadian Retail Prices Shown