PLAYERS  ” Exotic and Acid ”  Cues

New … for all Players, Pure X and Lucasi 2pc Cues  ” If You Can’t Sell it, We’ll Take it Back “

The FINE Print: Simply return any Players, Pure X or Lucasi Cue within 6 months of purchase for a full merchandise credit. The credit can be applied to anything you buy from us, just pay the return shipping and please enclose a copy of the original invoice. There is no restocking fee … however played with or shop worn cues will not be accepted … also please remove any price labels etc.

Canadian Retail Price  –  Nov 6, 2016

players-E-5110-billiard-cue E-2510
e5110         $ 217.00
Rengas & Curly Maple
No Wrap
e2510        $ 208.00
Exotic Rengas Wood
Linen Wrap

 E-3100  E-3120
 e3100        $ 213.00
Rengas & Birds-eye
No Wrap
e3120         $ 224.00
Birds-eye Maple
No Wrap

Canadian Retail Prices