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Cue Racks

Canadian Retail Prices Shown 


6 Clip Cue Wall Rack      4 stains to choose from    $  19.90  retail

HJScottOak3 Oak       # cr1022-a           HJScottBlack2 Black           # cr1022-bk
HJScottCherry2 Cherry  # cr1022-c           HJScottMahogany2 Mahogany   # cr1022-f  

       8 Clip Cue Wall Rack      4 stains to choose from    $  21.90 retail

HJScottOak3 Oak      # cr1125-a        HJScottBlack2 Black           # cr1125-bk
HJScottCherry2 Cherry  # cr1125-c       HJScottMahogany2 Mahogany   # cr1125-f  


Cue Racks made exclusively for Cue & Case

HJ Scott racks & furniture are made from top-notch materials, sanded satin smooth. Ball grooves, cue holes, and drink holders are fully finished, polished and sealedNo felt that peels or cork that rots and mildews. HJ Scott racks are also easy to assemble, with decorative wood screws.

Floor Racks HJScottColorChart
CR4-01 8 Cue Corner Rack       $  119.50  retail    

Holds 8 cues, 1 full set of billiard balls, plus 5 drinks. Dimensions:  H 22″ W 14-1/2″ D 16″

HJScottOak3  Oak  # cr4-a      HJScottBlack2  Black    # cr4-bk    HJScottCherry2  Cherry   # cr4-c

CR5-01 9 Cue Clover Floor Rack    3 stains to choose from      $  128.50  retail    

Only 13″ wide small enough to fit into the corner of your game room or along a wall.
Dimensions:  H 28″ W 13″ D 13″ 

HJScottMahogany2  Mahogany  # cr5-F      HJScottCherry2  Cherry  # cr5-C      HJScottBlack2  Black   # cr5-BK

CR6-01 10 Cue Corner Floor Rack                 $  179.50  retail

Perfectly proportioned to fit in the corner of your game room and holds 10 cues, plus 1 full set of billiard balls, 1 ball rack and 5 drinks. Dimensions:  H 28″ W 17″ D 15-1/2″

HJScottOak3  Oak       # cr6-A        HJScottBlack2  Black          # cr6-BK
HJScottCherry2  Cherry   # cr6-C       HJScottMahogany2  Mahogany  # cr6-F

Canadian Retail Prices Shown