Shuffleboard Accessories

Canadian Retail Prices Shown

Shuffleboard Covers

Covers for 12 ft shuffleboards … each cover is 31″ wide x 12 ft long

$ 189.90 Retail … Brown ( 69120 )   Burgundy ( 69213 )

Triple Crown®  Wax

     Cleaner/Polisher, Liquid Wax, Silicone Spray
    # tcmk      $ 115.00  Retail 

Shuffleboard Care Tips

  • Apply Triple Crown Liquid® wax and then buff
  • Spray Triple Crown® Silicone spray and let set for 15 minutes
  • Apply Triple Crown® Powdered Speed Wax

Periodic Maintenance

  • Twice weekly, use Triple Crown® Cleaner and Polisher
  • Buff, then let set for 10 minutes
  • Lightly spray Triple Crown® Silicone Spray
  • Apply Triple Crown® Powdered Speed Wax

Shuffleboard Wax

Canadian Retail Prices Shown

Brown, White & Yellow Ice Wax by Triple Crown®

Regular         (moderate)     the  slowest powder.
Yellow Ice I    (fast)             used  for 9′ , 12′ and 14′ boards
Yellow Ice II   (faster)          used for 14′, 16′ and 18′ boards
Yellow Ice III  (fastest)        use on 20′ and 22′ boards
The Brown mixes are all used on the longer boards, with the Brown Ice III Plus and West Coast Mix used most in tournament play. White Ice is the fastest available, it is the pure silicone bead.  This can be used to speed up a powder, so if the customer is not sure on what speed to go with, they can get a can or two of White Ice to mix with the others to speed up if need be. White Ice is mixed with all our powders, so the more in the powder the faster it is.
Buy any 2 …get 2% off    Buy any 3 … get 3% off  …   all the way up to buy any 12 and get 12% off
ShuffelboardTCRegular ShuffelboardYellowIce ShuffelboardYellowII ShuffelboardYellowIII
Regular Wax Yellow Ice I 
Yellow Ice II Yellow Ice III
Moderate Speed
# tcy-R   $ 12.50 retail
Fast Speed
# tcy-1   $ 13.50 retail
Faster Speed
# tcy-2   $ 13.50 retail
Fastest  Speed
# tcy-3   $ 13.50 retail
Buy any 2 …get 2% off    Buy any 3 … get 3% off  …   all the way up to buy any 12 and get 12% off
ShuffelboardBrownII ShuffelboardTCWhiteIce  ShuffelboardSiliconSpray ShuffelboardDanceWax
Brown Wax  3+
White Ice Ultra  FAST
 Silicone Spray Dance Floor Powder
Faster than Yellow III
slower than White Ultra
# tcb-3   $ 15.50 retail
Often is mixed with slower
waxes for custom speed
# tcw   $ 15.50 retail
12 oz. for Shuffleboards

# tcss   $ 24.50 retail
**Not For Shuffleboards

# tcdp   $ 12.50 retail

Shuffleboard Rocks

Canadian Retail Prices Shown

Econo Chrome Rocks    ( Made in China )
2 5/16″ Size
4 Blue and 4 Red
# 6301       $ 128.50
Note: these are an Econo weight … not the quality of the more expensive USA made  ” Chromium ” weights which we do not offer.

Canadian Retail Prices Shown