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Ball Cleaners

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cleaneraramith Cleaneraramithrestorer Cleaneraramithcloth Cleaneraramithmicrofiber
Aramith® Ball Aramith® Ball Aramith® Microfiber Wash at 60°C / 140°F
Cleaner Restorer Cloth No ironing – ready to
# 2801   $ 12.50 # 2803   $ 13.50 # 2802   $ 13.50 use after washing



Aramith® Power Ball Cleaner

Keep your billiard balls looking and playing like new with the Aramith® ball cleaning
system. Use the Aramith Power Ball Cleaner in conjunction with Aramith Restore
Ball Care (# 2803) or Aramith Brilliant Ball Cleaner (# 2801) to get your stained
or spotted balls looking and playing like brand new.

# 2804                $ 99.50


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