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*** Product Updates – October 26 ***

Sorry … Cuestix Clearout Cues & Cases are now all sold out


NHL Ball Sets  Last of the NHL Ball sets
$ 124.98  Cdn Retail ( previous promos not available )
27 Sets of Toronto, 12 sets of Ottawa, 3 sets of Vancouver
Saturn Teflon Cloth Championship Saturn Teflon Cloth
New colour added to the selection:  # 31 Championship Green
Hainsworth Cloth 10% discount on  Hainsworth Smart & Club Snooker Cloth
Sale ends Oct 31, so please get your orders in fast!

Coming in November! Hainsworth Elite ” Pool Pro ” worsted cloth with Stain Guard. It is lower priced when compared with Simonis or
Tour Edition
, and very competitive in playability and wearability. This cloth comes with a Teflon-like coating.

Snooker Cues NEW! Ash Snooker Cues now added to our website.

Cannon, made in the Orient and Peradon, made in England.
Peradon Cues are a wonderful quality, made in the UK with the finest of materials. Reviews from our customers are very good. They are available in 1pc, 2pc and 3/4 styles and yes, we do carry the 3/4 cases.

Racks We are discontinuing some Floor and Wall Racks. They are in short supply so order yours fast!  We will be adding new styles soon.


Please watch our home page for regular updates!


NEW!     Billiard Hats $ 16.50 – $ 22.50  ( Cdn Retail ) 

Click here to view all 13 styles 

             KKhat            Shat  OOHat


Sorry NO retail sales … contact us for your nearest retailer in Canada.