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New Order Desk Hours as of March 15, 2105
Spring & Summer Office Hours: 10 am – 4 pm est.

Until Lynda returns to full health and hopefully returns to order desk duties in September we are manning our order desk hour phones from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST daily.

We are pleased that Lynda is recovering nicely from her illness and is currently in twice a week for 4 hours at a time taking care of the accounting, but not dealing with order desk.

Emailing questions, orders, confirmation to Beth on the order desk is the preferred method …it allows us to have written copies and avoid errors.

USA dollar surcharge:

As of February 1, 2015 … a variable surcharge rate of around will be applied to all orders to account for the exchange difference between USA dollar and Cdn dollar. Feb 1st it was 5% … Feb 26th 4.5% … March 8th 5.25% … March 13th 5.55% … March 20th    5.40% surcharge.

 Note: Flat rate shipping charges also increased by $ 2.00 to each Province as of Feb 1st. 

HJ Scott Billiard Lights  all lights are 55″ wide and will work well for any 7′, 8′, or 9′ pool table.

Billiard Lights are a new addition for us … the HJ Scott lighting from Cue & Case is excellent quality … perhaps a touch more expensive than some of the competition but certainly worth it.  We will be adding more their lighting monthly, they have an extensive range and if you require a price for lights not shown just let the order desk know and we will get a quote.  

Canadian Retail Prices Shown

Item # LP-ar   $ 284.00 Retail

Autumn Rustic is a finish unique to HJ Scott. It gives the feel and appearance of tarnished metal, with a beautiful chocolate-brown color. This light includes Autumn Rustic metal bar with Autumn Rustic metal shades.

Item # LP-bbbsst1   $ 348.00 Retail
Black – a traditional finish that will look great in any game room. This light from HJ Scott has a Black Matte metal bar with 3 Alabaster Glass Shades.

Item # LP-bbbsgm   $ 264.00 Retail
Gunmetal Shades – a classy finish from HJ Scott lighting has a Black Matte metal bar with 3 Gunmetal Shades.

Item # LP-ch   $ 284.00 Retail
Brushed Chrome Bar and 3 Shades – from HJ Scott Lighting.

Item # LP-ar210   $ 440.00 Retail
HJ Scott Autumn Rustic Light Bar with 3 beautiful Scavo Glass Shades perfectly complements the rustic finish of this light.

Item # LP-ds250  $ 460.00 Retail
Mocha Bliss with Chocolate Rubbed Bar and 3 Frosted Amber Shades – from HJ Scott Lighting.


Cut-It-Up Cue Stick Holders  $ 17.90 Cdn Retail    Q Claws   $ 15.90 to $ 29.90 Cdn Retail
 bluecueholder  CueHoldersa  qclawblue2QClaw2Black

 8-Ball Keychain   $ 3.90 Cdn Retail Sir Joseph Gloves   $ 13.70 Cdn Retail
Available in 7 colours
 8ballkeychain sirjosephexample

Poker Pool Card Game   $ 15.00 Cdn Retail