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Billiard Wholesalers Canada
provides high quality billiard and dart supplies and accessories to billiard and dart retailers, billiard parlors, as well as dart and pool halls only in Canada

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Championship  Saturn Teflon  Cloth      

Approximately 20% Less expensive than Invitational Cloth

Very good cloth … Billiard Wholesalers Canada is the Exclusive Distributor for Championship Saturn Teflon.

  7 ft  Bed & Rail Set $ 123.90  Cdn Retail
  8 ft  Bed & Rail Set    $ 147.90  Cdn Retail
  9 ft  Bed & Rail Set    $ 169.90  Cdn Retail
10 ft  Bed & Rail Set    $ 191.90  Cdn Retail
8’ oversize B&R Set $ 158.90  Cdn Retail
Bed only 10% Discount

Saturn Teflon only available in these Colours:
Basic GreenBlack – Bottle Green – Burgundy – Camel – Championship Green – Euro Blue
Navy – Red – Wine – Dark Green

NEW   Mini Box Flat Rate $ 9.50 to 14.50 depending on destination in Canada.

Anything that can fit in a 6″ x 6″ x 8″ box is shipped out for one low freight charge … regardless of weight.
Ideal for a small orders like darts, flights, shafts, cue balls, tips etc.

Flat Rate Shipping Charges … per order, never pay more, never less.

Ontario & Quebec        $  9.50 for a mini box or  $ 19.50 maximum per shipment.
Prairies & Maritimes    $ 12.50 for a mini box or  $ 25.50 maximum per shipment.
British Columbia         $ 13.50 for a mini box or  $ 27.50 maximum per shipment.
Newfoundland            $ 14.50 for a mini box or  $ 29.50 maximum per shipment.

Remote areas as determined by Canpar surcharged $ 15.00



New     New    New

Floor and Wall Cue Racks  made exclusively for Cue & Case

HJ Scott racks & furniture are made from top-notch materials, sanded satin smooth. Ball grooves, cue holes, and drink holders are fully finished, polished and sealed. No felt that peels or cork that rots and mildews. HJ Scott racks are also easy to assemble, with decorative wood screws.  Click HERE for details.


HJ Scott® Billiard Lights  for Cue & Case

Lots of other shade colours ... Green, Burgundy, Blue, Black, Chrome, Brass, 4 Glass etc … over 30 combinations available in 3 shade ( 52″ wide ) and 4 shade ( 71″ wide ).  Click HERE for details.

 gunmetalbar  HJ_Scott_LP-CH_L
 Brassbar  HJ_Scott_LP-DS250_L