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Billiard Wholesalers Canada
provides high quality billiard and dart supplies and accessories to billiard and dart retailers,billiard parlors, as well as dart and pool halls only in Canada


Christmas Ideas

Cut-It-Up Cue Stick Holders  $ 17.90 Cdn Retail    Q Claws   $ 13.90 to $ 25.90 Cdn Retail
 bluecueholder  CueHoldersa  qclawblue2QClaw2Black

 8-Ball Keychain   $ 3.90 Cdn Retail Sir Joseph Gloves   $ 13.70 Cdn Retail
Available in 7 colours
 8ballkeychain sirjosephexample



Poker Pool Card Game   $ 15.00 Cdn Retail Hats and Caps   $ 16.50 to $ 22.50 Cdn Retail
Available in 13 Styles
 pokerpoolcardgame  GhatLhat