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provides high quality billiard and dart supplies and accessories to billiard and dart retailers, billiard parlors, as well as dart and pool halls only in Canada

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** Feb 1  –  Very Important Dealer Message **

Dealer discount for Billiard products has NOT changed.

Dealer discount for Unicorn Dart products HAS changed.

If you did not see the email memo please contact Beth on the order desk for the info.


Our mascot, Bronson!
(a corso dane bull mastiff
for those who have asked


Bronson lives at home with Beth, her husband Rob and Beth’s son Tristan. When the family comes to work so does he.

Pay with EFT and get a – 2% discount

If you use Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from your bank into our bank we will give you a 2% discount on any product you purchase. Sorry, no discount on the tax or freight portion of the invoice.

If you need to know how to do an EFT, email Beth and she will tell you how simple it is to do.

Flat Rate Shipping Charges:

Ont & Quebec            $ 19.95
Prairies & Maritimes     $ 25.95
British Columbia          $ 27.95
Newfoundland            $ 29.95

You always know what your freight costs will be for any order, large or small … it is always the above amount. Remote areas will be surcharged.

Billiard Hats are back and in stock!
$ 26.50 Cdn Retail 10 styles to choose from … here are a few examples.
To see all styles, click HERE

16blackskull            69blackskull            68blackshark

McDermott  Harley Davidson 2 pc Cue ... G-Core shaft … made in the USA 

Item # hd40   $ 489.00 Cdn Retail


NEW ... Cue-It-Up cue holders now available for 2 cues as well as for 4 cues.

# 1716  Black       # 1717  Blue     # 1718   Pink                $ 17.90 Cdn Retail


Silver Bullet  Chalker     $ 17.90  Retail
Unique Pocket Chalker – Genuine 30/06 Rifle Bullet 
# 13301 Black    # 1330 Green
# 13302 Blue     # 13305  Red          # 13304  Pink



proseriesglovesPro Series Billiard Gloves         $ 16.90  retail

X Small       Small       Medium       Large       X Large
Pink:           # pkxS       # pkS       # pkM         # pkL            n/a
Purple:         n/a           # pleS      # pleM        # pleL           n/a
Black:         # blkxS      # blkS       # blkM        # blkL        # blkxL
Burgundy:    n/a           # bgS       # bgM         # pleL           n/a
Blue:             n/a           # blS        # blM          # blL             n/a